Genetically Modified Poland

December 3rd, 2012

GMO – genetically modified organisms – are close to be made legal in Poland.

With much public outcry, Prime Minister Donald Tusk stated on Friday that Poland was forced to pass a new bill allowing GMO seeds into the country because of European Union regulations.

Only President Bronislaw Komorowski’s signature is needed to make the GMO Seeds Act into law, although all opposition parties are against the bill.

Polish protesters delivered a petition to the President voicing their outrage at the decision to allow what some call “Frankenstein food” to be allowed to grow in the country.

Protesters are convinced that the quality and reputation of Polish food will be destroyed, citing that evidence exists showing GMO food causes health problems including infertility, cancer and even death.

Monsanto corporation, an American agricultural biotechnology company, is by far the world leader in the manufacturer of GMO seeds and related products to grow them such as fertilizer.

The company however has been under consistent criticism for their strong arm tactics in getting their seeds on farms, many times leaving farmers no choice but to change over to GMO crops.

Since the mid-90’s, GMO’s have been in use in the United States, where more than 80% of all corn in the country grown is genetically modified.

Surprisingly, there are no long term studies available to prove the safety of genetically modified foods.